One Foot In The Grave (жанры:folk, singer-songwriter)

  1. It's All in Your Mind
  2. He's A Mighty Good Leader
  3. Sleeping Bag
  4. Burnt Orange Peel
  5. Cyanide Breath Mint
  6. See Water
  7. Ziplock Bag
  8. Hollow Log
  9. Forcefield
  10. Fourteen Rivers Fourteen Floods
  11. Asshole
  12. I've Seen The Land Beyond
  13. Outcome
  14. Girl Dreams
  15. Painted Eyelids
  16. Atmospheric Conditions
  17. Whiskey Can Can
  18. Mattress
  19. Your Love Is Weird
  20. Favorite Nerve
  21. Feather In Your Cap
  22. One Foot In The Grave
  23. I Get Lonesome

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