Bring Me the Horizon
Count Your Blessings (жанры:deathcore, metalcore, hardcore, screamo)
30 октября 2006

Highly anticipated 2006 album from one of the hottest new bands in the UK at the moment, Sheffield's own Bring Me the Horizon. This is a real shot of much needed youth and adrenaline for the UK Metal scene. The album is full of what people have already come to expect from the band: breakdowns, massive riffs, time signatures, tempo changes, immense vocals, shredding solos, blistering percussion, etc. But the experience of working with top producer Dan Sprigg (lostprophets, Cradle Of Filth) has brought a new found maturity out of the guys, a more solid direction and focus in song writing and structure. 10 tracks including 'Pray For Plague'. Visible Noise. 2006.

  1. Pray for Plagues
  2. Tell Slater Not to Wash His Dick
  3. Braille
  4. A Lot Like Vegas
  5. Black & Blue
  6. Slow Dance
  7. Liquor & Love Lost
  8. Medusa
  9. Fifteen Fathoms, Counting
  10. Off the Heezay

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