Georg Friedrich Händel
Bryn Terfel sings Handel Arias (жанры:baroque, classical, vocal)

  1. Why do the nations
  2. I feel, I feel the Deity within -
  3. Arm, arm ye brave!
  4. Vouchsafe, O Lord
  5. Honour and arms scorn such a foe
  6. Verdi prati, selve amene
  7. O Voi, Del Mio Poter
  8. Sorge Infausta Una Procella
  9. I rage, I melt, I burn! -
  10. O Ruddier Than The Cherry
  11. Where'er You Walk
  12. Revenge, Revenge, Timotheus Cries - Behold A Ghastly Band
  13. Va tacito e nascosto
  14. Frondi tenere e belle -
  15. Ombra mai fu
  16. Thus saith the Lord of Hosts -
  17. But Who May Abide The Day Of His Coming
  18. Behold, I tell you a mystery -
  19. The Trumpet Shall Sound

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