Hans Zimmer
The Dark Knight Rises: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack (жанры:soundtrack)
17 июля 2012

  1. A Storm Is Coming
  2. On Thin Ice
  3. Gotham's Reckoning
  4. Mind If I Cut In?
  5. Underground Army
  6. Born In Darkness
  7. The Fire Rises
  8. Nothing Out There
  9. Fear Will Find You
  10. Why Do We Fall?
  11. Death By Exile
  12. Imagine the Fire
  13. Necessary Evil
  14. Is It Poison, Nanny?
  15. I Never Woke Up in Handcuffs Before
  16. My Mind Rebels at Stagnation
  17. Data, Data, Data
  18. He's Killed The Dog Again
  19. Marital Sabotage
  20. Not in Blood, But in Bond
  21. Panic, Shear Bloody Panic
  22. Psychological Recovery

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