John Williams
Star Wars Trilogy: Anthology (жанры:soundtrack, classical, instrumental)

  1. Twentieth Century Fox Fanfare with CinemaScope Extension
  2. Main Title: The Imperial Probe
  3. Luke's Escape
  4. Luke's Rescue
  5. The Imperial March
  6. The Battle In The Snow
  7. Luke's First Crash
  8. The Rebels Escape Again
  9. The Asteroid Field
  10. Yoda's Theme
  11. Han Solo and the Princess
  12. The Training of A Jedi Knight
  13. The Magic Tree
  14. Yoda and the Force
  15. City in the Clouds
  16. Lando's Palace
  17. Hyperspace
  18. Finale / End Credits
  19. Princess Leia's Theme
  20. Imperial Attack
  21. The Desert and the Robot Auction
  22. The Little People Work
  23. The Princess Appears
  24. The Land of the Sand People
  25. The Return Home
  26. Inner City
  27. Mouse Robot: Blasting Off
  28. Rescue of the Princess
  29. The Walls Converge
  30. Ben's Death: TIE Fighter Attack

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