John Williams
The Music Of Star Wars: 30th Anniversary Collector's Edition (жанры:soundtrack, classical)

  1. The Asteroid Field
  2. Han Solo and the Princess
  3. Destruction of Alderaan
  4. Cantina Band
  5. 20th Century Fox Fanfare
  6. Main Title/Rebel Blockade Runner
  7. The Dune Sea of Tatooine/Jawa Sandcrawler
  8. The Moisture Farm
  9. The Hologram/Binary Sunset
  10. Landspeeder Search/Attack of the Sand People
  11. Tales of a Jedi Knight/Learn About the Force
  12. Burning Homestead
  13. Mos Eisley Spaceport
  14. Binary Sunset
  15. Princess Leia's Theme
  16. The Millennium Falcon/Imperial Cruiser Pursuit
  17. The Death Star/The Stormtroopers
  18. Wookie Prisoner/Detention Block Ambush
  19. Shootout in the Cell Bay/Dianoga
  20. The Trash Compactor
  21. The Tractor Beam/Chasm Crossfire
  22. The Battle of Yavin
  23. The Throne Room/End Title
  24. Main Title/The Ice Planet Hoth
  25. The Wampa's Lair/Vision of Obi-Wan/Snowspeeders Take Flight
  26. The Imperial Probe/Aboard the Executor
  27. Arrival on Dagobah
  28. Luke's Nocturnal Visitor
  29. Jedi Master Revealed/Mynock Cave
  30. The Training of a Jedi Knight/The Magic Tree

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