Marty Robbins
THE ESSENTIAL MARTY ROBBINS 1951-1982 (жанры:country, rockabilly)

  1. Big Iron
  2. Cool Water
  3. El Paso
  4. Tomorrow You'll Be Gone
  5. I'll Go on Alone
  6. That's All Right
  7. Knee Deep in the Blues
  8. Singing the Blues
  9. A White Sport Coat
  10. The Story of My Life
  11. Don't Worry
  12. Devil Woman
  13. The Hanging Tree
  14. Smokin' Cigarettes And Drinkin' Coffee Blues
  15. I Couldn't Keep from Crying
  16. I'm Gonna Be a Cowboy
  17. Pain and Misery
  18. San Angelo
  19. Tennessee Toddy
  20. Man Walks Among Us
  21. I Can't Quit
  22. Beyond the Reef
  23. The Hawaiian Wedding Song
  24. Yours
  25. She Was Only Seventeen
  26. Just Married
  27. Ain't I the Lucky One
  28. Song of the Bandit
  29. A Little Sentimental
  30. September in the Rain
  31. All the Way
  32. Unchained Melody

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