Modest Mouse
Sad Sappy Sucker (жанры:indie, experimental, rock)
24 апреля 2001

  1. Birds Vs Worms
  2. Four Fingered Fisherman
  3. Wagon Ride Return
  4. Classy Plastic Lumber
  5. From Point A to Point B
  6. Path of Least Resistance
  7. It Always Rains On a Picnic
  8. Dukes Up
  9. Think Long
  10. Every Penny Fed Car
  11. Mice Eat Cheese
  12. Race Car Grin you Ain't No Landmark
  13. Secret Agent X-9
  14. Call to Dial-a-Song
  15. 5-4-3-2-1 Lisp Off
  16. BMX Crash
  17. Sucker Bet
  18. Black Blood and Old New Agers
  19. Swy
  20. Australopithecus

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