The Kinks
The Kink Kontroversy (жанры:60s, rock, british)

  1. Till the End of the Day
  2. Dedicated Follower Of Fashion
  3. Where Have All the Good Times Gone
  4. Sittin' on My Sofa
  5. A Well Respected Man
  6. I'm Not Like Everybody Else
  7. Mr. Reporter
  8. Time Will Tell
  9. Milk Cow Blues
  10. Ring the Bells
  11. I'm On an Island
  12. All Night Stand
  13. And I Will Love You
  14. Never Met a Girl Like You Before
  15. When I See That Girl of Mine
  16. Gotta Get the First Plane Home
  17. I Am Free
  18. The World Keeps Going Round
  19. It's Too Late
  20. What's In Store for Me
  21. You Can't Win

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