Woody Guthrie
Woody At 100: The Woody Guthrie Centennial Collection (жанры:folk, american, country)

  1. Riding in My Car
  2. Ramblin' Round
  3. Hobo's Lullaby
  4. Pastures of Plenty
  5. New York Town
  6. Gypsy Davy
  7. Jesus Christ
  8. This Land Is Your Land
  9. Jarama Valley
  10. When That Great Ship Went Down
  11. Hard, Ain't It Hard
  12. Why Oh Why
  13. Pretty Boy Floyd
  14. Worried Man Blues
  15. Buffalo Skinners
  16. Talking Columbia
  17. I've Got To Know
  18. A Dollar Down and a Dollar a Week
  19. Talking Centralia
  20. 1913 Massacre
  21. Hangknot, Slipknot
  22. Howdi Do
  23. Jackhammer John

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