435 (исполнитель: Tyler, The Creator)

Yeah, Ayo


I put the feline in my hair, looking like a cheetah pet
And you know they getting green, if a flower on their neck
If a flower on their neck, hit Clancy on the text
I ain't tryna check a bag, can we get another jet?
I ain't gas niggas up, but that fuel is 50 grand
 [bad word] in D.R., had me dripping in the sand
New [bad word] from New York, I'ma give him sticky hands
Sticky fingers from the green, Jasper playing with them grams
They was playing at the grams, one nom ain't enough
I'm a make sure that that [bad word] ain't happening again
Golf boys, it's them golf boys
In that 12 seater wings looking like a hawk boy
Getting to the paper better reup on the chalk board
Because the student turned into the teacher
Don't talk boy, class in session
1-5, I'm a 7
I'ma god [bad word] ask your reverend
And that crib in Bel-Air is heaven
Hot-coco outta chinas [bad word] pass the beverage, yeah [bad word] Des on that hombre
Haters with the long face
New whip is pirelli tire'd like a long day
Big dollars, the scent Prada
Skinny [bad word] also big poppa, women they adore me
If you see me out in public, no pictures don't record me
I don't really [bad word] with y'all [bad word]  selfish at the orgy, uh

 [bad word] 
One take
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