Blame It On The Bag (исполнитель: GASHI)

[Verse 1]
If you wonderin’ why I changed up
Tell ‘em the money is why I changed up
I’m gettin' high smokin’ with angels
You know I can hate that’s what a lame does
Bring it back stackin’ this money
But I still can’t forget the past
Stack it up and save it 'cause this ration never last
Never spittin no lies ‘cause you know this [bad word] is faxx
 [bad word] is mad ‘cause they never scratched my back
I did it on my own and I don’t owe you nothing now
Had to go and get it and make mama proud
All of my [bad word] and exes are so mad
‘cause they know that I finally just got the bag
You know you can blame it on the [bad word]  cash
Told you when I get it imma [bad word]  spaz
You can blame it on the bag

[Verse 2]
If she bad mouths you know that fact bro
I got so much money I might go cop a Picasso
Oh my god this stone allen got me drippin’
Now all of my hater [bad word] and visit
At the airport paparazzi snappin’ all these pictures
Still can remember on the last day that I was feelin' kinda sad
Oh my god all these cash
Every time I see these [bad word] they all look mad
Tellin' me I’m different but you know I know that
Check the [?] and tell ‘em they can just blame it, blame it, blame it on the bag
You know that I always wanted all of that
Told you when I get it I [bad word] back
Every time I see these haters always mad
You can blame it on the bag

[Verse 3]
 [bad word] that, bring it back
Don’t you ever forget just where I started
I heard your favorite rapper album and that [bad word] is garbage
Add up everyone on that list you know that I’m the hardest
Take my mama at a [?] money
Stayin' hard, stayin' hard with swag
Want it all, ‘bout to blow a hunnit racks
I want more tell 'em gimme all of that
All of these cash be the reason why I'm sad
Put the [bad word] on my mama and dad I only do this for my mom and dad
Forget ‘bout all my cash
In a Bentley yes I hit the gas
I used to be superbaggin' trash
And all these haters can
Blame it on the bag
Blame it on the bag
Blame it on the bag
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