A Buncha Niggas (feat. Gang Starr, 3rd Eye, The Notorious B.I.G., Busta Rhymes & Rob-O) (исполнитель: Heavy D & the Boyz)

[Third Eye]
The Group Home`s down yo, flippin with West and me
Charge a gap quick kid, best believe it Oh, I like to flip the script and have a track record
Wreckin it swift, I`m tellin ya to heck with tell to get with the
crazy hairy thinkin drinkin cripple [bad word] monkey
style back alley freaky [bad word] to gas technique
So peak, it`s about to get deep, we just kick
your Third Eye right open don`t let your eyeball sleep
The next step is the check, let`s tell theses niggas whassup
Cause we get freaky G, no you can`t get with me
Save yourself the trouble step back black, and don`t even bother
Word to Shop and Swift they get called in like I`m your father
 [bad word] 
Aiyyo, it`s time for me to flow and get down with this
I`m pullin out my mic, spittin off some rounds to this
I gotta known rep, so son you better slide out
Cause when I`m flippin, I`ll be rippin your pride out
So called gangsters play roles like in the movies
Oughta save that, they`re way bad, you could never do me
I`m real as [bad word]  I`ll beat ya numb with my vocal tones
Words hit like aluminum bats to your dome
No charges against me cause I`m jumpin the law man
A-men, punks should cancel their plans
As the invincible principle Gang, is gettin bigger
Sayin peace to the Heavster rollin with a buncha niggas

[Biggie Smalls/Notorious B.I.G.]
I bring drama like ya, spit on my momma
Cannibalistic, like that [bad word] Jeffrey Dahmer
I`ma, head peeler, girl stealer
Coffin sealer, [bad word] dealer, HUHHHHHH!
When I hit you with the blow of death I leave nothin left
I cook you up so quick they call me Biggie Smalls the Chef
My burner`s in my left, I`m not the type to fight
I`m blowin up quick like a stick of dynamite
So call nine-one-one, Biggie`s got a gun
The gat to your back, I`m smokin everyone
Quick to pack, quick to squeeze on the trigger
Who`s in the house? HUHHHHHH! buncha niggas!

Like yo, beg your pardon, whoa
when I put one to the head nuff funk [bad word] startin
Fine, so I headline for the public
Get mine for my rap subjects
Packed with potential, wisdom versatile elements
to quench your sense, I get down so feel the mental
Rhyme pro I`m Rob-O, the super spectacular
Brown skinned junior from Africa
Blowin up so it`s, possible to freak
See the highlight, in fly writing, don`t give a  [bad word] 
I split when it`s through then it`s get with the Guinness brew
and give a shoutout to my Uptown crew and still I`m wreckin

[Heavy D]
Yo, here I go, here I go, [bad word] the man again [bad word] with a pad and pen, [bad word] go tell your friends
It`s the big belly babalu boogaloo big, boy
And I got plenty honies there`s no need for no  toy
Free me, slavery, let me go oh no no no
No longer will you treat my beautiful sisters like they`re filthy hoes
Never ran from static men to crew get dramatic
And I get crazy respect from crazy crews with automatics
Now push [bad word] to shove because they love the way I flip a skip
And that`s what keeps me kinda popular with all the honeydaps
So look at me now, and tell me who is bigger?
When I`m on the block I`m with my flock and I`m rollin with a buncha niggas

[Busta Rhymes]
Well HELLO HI! HELLO HELLO! How ya doin?!
HI! Hello hi HEY, how ya doin?! Voltronic!
Busta [bad word] with the mad ultrasonic
Esophagus to rock it, wreckin niggas need to stop it
You get your style busted that`s just what they get [bad word] You want some?! Yes I know you want some of the TALENT!
But you can juice up, and em-otionally get wicked
to stick it, in your inner groove watch a [bad word] kick it
Ohh hah! Yo Bee, Busta Rhymes
be my niggan, never muggin, only lovin and huggin
my niggas, as we get bigger [bad word] diesel
as masculine figures, L.O.N.S. we gettin thicker with a buncha niggas!
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