05 - The Sun Also Rises (The Scarred People - 2012) (исполнитель: Tiamat)

The sun also rises 

In Hamburg suburbia
With a girl from Serbia
With all God's crystal methedrine
And a train to take me back to Berlin
All was spoken, all was done
And a little swedish lady came along
I punched a few more holes in my card living
But I forgot about forgiving
I might have been to Buda or Pest
But not upon your chest
The bible was right
All rivers turned red
And I'm still not in bed
The crystal fumes, the soothing song
Until another big wave came along
The sign on the river bed, that says
That everything is dead, everything is dead
I tried so hard to make it right
With plenty of drink and streetfight
The morning always shone anew
And somewhere in there were you
Now we're somewhere out on the North Sea
On our way back to Germany
From Genesis to Exodus
From Kamara up to Olympiados
From Prenzlauer Berg to Aristotelous square
From a Hilton in Paris to anywhere
I had to leave it all behind
To find some peace of mind
The diamond tooth will cut you loose
At any time you choose
And the demon king
Is giving in
As soon as his souls stop selling
When everything was said and done
little greek beauty came along
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