Anyway, It's Gone (Feat. Vasco Ramos) (исполнитель: Hills Have Eyes)

i made some mistakes (no scars will tear us apart)
please just believe me - i should have known better, should have known this right from the start
the [bad word] [bad word] hurts, young hearts are easily deceived
but it doesn´t matter, even if it hurts time will put your mind at ease

will this ever feel sacred? i will find you here with me
if it [bad word] crashing down i don´t mind, i don´t mind at all
we´ve been dancing in the rain
time has played us once again
all is good when it ends good

i made some mistakes (didn´t care what my heart said)
you can´t control the things you admire - you just have to stay [bad word] to yourself
i have two voices, i have two hearts (will this feel sacred?)
one is for the day, but the other [bad word] out at night

give it up for the last time? i´ve grown old and tired
i just can´t take it anymore - i swear to god it was my [bad word] last try
i won´t be sleeping anymore - i should have known that the [bad word] hurts
all together for the last time, in this together until we all die
every [bad word] liar in the house scream - in this together until the day we die

scars won´t keep you apart from the ones you love
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