Promised Land feat. Kanye West & Adam Levine (исполнитель: Malik Yusef)

Now whatcha finna hear is an update
On what we been on as of late
See I was reading a late notice on the date that I wrote this, you hear
Time flies in the leer 
And you wonder where the day went
See I’m a leader in my field, but I’m behind on my [bad word] payments
So this is something that could help you raise your head like hello
See this is not brown red or yellow
Not a white or black poem
This is a prayer to a guardian angel
To protect our fathers mothers sisters brothers sons and daughters
Until we bring our troops back home
Cause it feel like we all in the same platoon
And we’ll all be extinct soon
If we continue to suffer from other people’s crimes
I think we well overdo for change this time
And I know they don’t wanna see me cooped up in a benz
They’d rather see me cooped up these pens
Therefore I release the ink that’s cooped up in these pens
And let my art-ticulate
People are so slow to love, or so quick to hate
Now some things finna change because we say so
Lets stop looking at how bad things are, and focus on how well they may go
And this is a declaration
That we’ll be fair again
Especially to those Americans, who were Americans, before there were Americans
This is to a small young family, that’s booming out of space
Theres room in outer space
This is to my people
The human race

[Adam Levine]

I need you to
Take us to the promise land
Don’t just make us promises
It’s too late to let go of our hand

[Kanye West]

They say we need a prophet that can touch on the topics and make it hot as the tropics, well you got it (you got it)

Take us to the promise land
Don’t just make us promises
It’s too late to let go of our hand


Everybody saying please don’t let go
I hear it over and over and over like a echo
I see it in my dreams, I feel the effect though
People drowning in debt
Somebody to the rescue
Everybody that saying we need something special
Nah man, we need something extra terrestrial
Outta this world, speak for us be the vessel
Outta the box, reach for it through the threshold (Uh)
Through all of the stress though
What’s best of all, people screaming like a festival
Just applaud, this moment is special ya’ll


I need you to
And I need you to
And I need you to
I need you to
I need you to
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