Forces of Rage (исполнитель: Iron Savior)

Under the ice we hide from your stare 
buried in grief and despair 
We're the derbies, the scattered remains, 
leaves in the storm who is lashing the world 

Destiny calls, extinction of man 
will it all happen again 
But yet we're alive, unbroken we stand 
to banish the conqueror who's taken the land 

We'll be a thorn in your unhuman flesh 
There'll be a time for retortion 
We'll break the fetters, we'll never give in 
although it seems our end will begin 

Forces united – forces arise 
Legions of iron descent from the skies 
Dark knight – you'll never defeat 
The immortal spirit of freedom 
Savior – watch out beware 
We will engage 
The forces of rage 

Starbirds are gliding on winds of decay 
merciless hunting the pray 
Infernal machine, the hatchet of war 
sharp as a razor will cut back the claw 

We'll be the [bad word] – a deadly disease 
the fever is burning inside you 
To bring you to fail is the ultimate aim 
We'll rise from the ashes again and again 

Forces united – forces arise 
Legions of iron descent from the skies 

Free – at least for a moment in time 
Years – how many years have gone by 
In fury and wrath we're looking above 
Forging the sword, the blade of reprisal 
Leaders of man let's ride out again 
From fire and ice a blazing star will arise 

We'll be a thorn in your unhuman flesh 

Forces united – forces arise
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