Invasion (исполнитель: Jeru The Damaja)

Verse One:

Police all on my [bad word] like I shot somebody
Cause of these big [bad word] lips and I rock my locks knotty
Life is getting hectic Tupac got shot in the nuts
You saw cops was [bad word] when Rodney King got [bad word] up
With friends like these who needs enemies
Constantly harassing filling up my nuts like a Klansman
Snatching up a [bad word] for nuttin I heard bad guys wear black
So I guess I'm the [bad word] villain
Under pressure they got me under pressure
What's your name your address and phone number
Your [bad word] down to the station
There's been a robbery they claim a [bad word] fit the description
It can't be, so I slides out on em
In ninety-five you gotta catch a [bad word]  if you want him
One to three, and five to ten
Bullies in blue suits Son with automatic weapons
I'm stressed, ready to blow up somethin
The beast keep frontin, invasion

Verse Two:

I was forced into a life of crime
Career criminal, now my career is crime
My mind is in a [bad word] up state
brainwashed state, is the black man's fate, in the ground
or locked down upstate, when I was young I used to shoot for the stars
but got shot down by demons in patrol cars
Stars good cop, bad cop, stick up the crack spot
The ave won't get hot til one of their crew gets shot
Ask, Larry Davis, how much they took
Cops and crooks, but who's the crooks?
Take a [bad word] to jail, make bail, guilty or innocent
The system gets ten percent
Frontin like you're doin somethin
But you ain't sayin nothin, invasion

Verse Three: [bad word] up in my cipher best believe I'ma dip on that [bad word] Beast-boy I'm professional heart of the ghetto
raised, in the ways of thugs
Dodgin slugs, takin slugs, driving stolen automobiles
skills fantastical
Living life on the edge it's dramatic, mad drama
I'm a fanatic, adrenalin addict
Getaway car, stick [bad word] or automatic
Where's my crew at, you got your crew scopin
for a [bad word] up and down the Ave, it makes me laugh
Eat my nuts, eat my dust
I won't spend the night locked up or in handcuffs
Cuz in the conrete jungle, I got the right stuff
Smooth operator, pilot and navigator
Break out from oppression, my mission to escape
The, invasion
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