Black Mirror (исполнитель: Theatres Des Vampires)

In my life cell a lonely place
Purple light that never stops

Flash by flash
It burns my mind
Lighting the shadows in my head

Behind me... black mirror

I lose my soul
I lose my days
I lose my mind
I lose my life

Behind me... black mirror

White walls around me
Lots of hands that scratch outside

Everyday the same... Again and again
terrible noise that rise from there
I hear their call...
They could eat me
I scream without voice
Nobody is here in my life cell

Silence... It prepares us to die

Devi-hate obsession
It makes me blind
This life is steeling my sight

Behind me... black mirror

Nothing to see nothing to take
Now I'm trapped in my life cell

Behind me... black mirror

Caught in this endless trap
Something is burning inside me...
It's killing me... It makes me feel alive
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