ай'м джас э симпл рашен гёл (исполнитель: ноувел вэгъю)

I am in [bad word] 
I just have to pack my bag with cash, that flush,
and it's certain to get back to my country,
didn't know that it's forbidden, I'm sorry...
 [bad word] 
I am just a [bad word] girl,
I've got vodka in my blood,
So I dance with brown bears,
And my soul is torn apart...


Now you know -
It [bad word] to forget about the law,
When especially you love - it's like a tank,
it can drive you mad so you can rob a bank


Let me go,
I won't ever try to do this anymore,
If you let - I'll kiss you in your chicks three times,
This is a tradition, don't you be surprised.
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