Отсутствует (исполнитель: Неизвестен)

[Intro skit]
[Wiz] I been trying to develop an alternative fuel
 from a mix of all natural substances.
 But the mix was highly volatile until we find a catalyst
 to help stabilize [bad word] and supercharge the fuel.
 (I'm sorry, what was this magical catalyst?)
[Snoop] Marijuana [bad word] 

[Intro: Snoop Dogg]
 Uh, ladies and gentlemen, players and playettes
 Teachers, staff and students
 I am very honored to [bad word] you to the high school annual talent show
 Brought to you by the makers of Wiz Khalifa Premium Rolling Papers
 And the qualified rollers of Snoop Dogg Master Kush
 So without further adieux, let's get this show on the road
 First contestant, bring your talent to the foreground
 and let your smoke be yo' background
 [bad word]  Wiz Khalifa]
 Every time I go out, I'm blowin the smoke out
 I buy it don't even know the price
 I smoke cause I live it, don't pay me to visit
 And I'll be somewhere up in the sky
 My [bad word] it's 'bout to go dowwwwwn
 Ohh we fly, it's no lie, that we high, 'til we die
 I'ma get up in this hoe's houuuuuse
 Roll one up, clean the ride case them hoes wan' jump inside

[Wiz Khalifa]
 Uhh, got a joint filled with quality [bad word]  My bottom [bad word] smokin with me, niggaz talk [bad word]  All of 'em shrimp (hehe) I'm a big fish
 Roll a joint, lick it once, tell you hit this, groupies on my [bad word]  Several kush is on my hitlist, in and out these niggaz [bad word]  Smokin tree and not to mention hustlin, tryin to mind my business
 You probably went to class while I was in the hallway skippin
 Yeah I hear what they sayin, just be too high to listen
 'Bout my money trippin, if I even fold it wrong
 Ya ain't smokin this good, if it's foul tell you I sold it all
 Or wait 'til one of my [bad word] 'round and roll it all
 Or say [bad word] it and cuff it 'til I go smoke with Dogg
 I show off, I show off, I show off
 Car push to start, hit the button once it go off
 Keep the [bad word] in and the papers rolled up
 And ain't worried 'bout a hatin [bad word]  they get no love (ohh)
 [bad word] 

[Snoop Dogg]
 I go green like I was Archbishop Don Juan
 And blow circles 'round you suckas like a marathon
 My gym teacher told me, but I didn't listen
 My [bad word] did my homework and now I'm in detention
 It sho' beats suspension, this is my audition
 So play yo' position, get the picture I envision
 Did she mention, Snoop Dogg was made for kissin
 barricuda fishin, she on a mission for me
 Pleasure, pain and glory, and my inventory
 My SAT's, my lil' [bad word] she did 'em for me
 And now we prancin on stage at the talent show
 We floss in my clothes, my chain and my knapsack
 Full of that, hand me that, can you see my telescope
 Principle, said she wanna see me cause she smell my smoke
 'Bout my money trippin even if I fold it wrong
 Blowin zones with Wiz cause this is the protocol
 [bad word] 

[Outro: Archbishop Don "Magic" Juan]
 Yeah, it's the Archbishop Don "Magic" Juan
 It's a talent show, and everybody got to know
 You got to be ready so you don't have to get ready
 So when I stepped in, for the talent show
 I had stole the show, because I was already ready
 Everybody shoulda know they part
 because the whole world is the stage, and everybody play a part
 So when you at the talent show, you got to know yo' part
 And you got to know when to move, and when not to move
 And by me being a famous player, and know my game
 I took the talent show, because I had style
 I had flash, I had originality!
 I had me, and that's what it's all about!
 When you doin a talent show, you got to be you!
 Green for the money, gold for the honey
 I'm the original... [fades out]
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