Infinite Arms (исполнитель: Band Of Horses)

I had a dream
I had a dream
That I was your neighbor
About to give birth
And then everything
Was really hurt
And I was so lonely
I didn't see It's like
Living in a movie
Twisting the plot
My friends and family
The little things I've got, I've got

When my thoughts drift to you

I love the morning
I like to listen
To 4am birdies
Begging to feed
Now there's something here before me
figure, I think
Isn't there a warning
Or something to drink
My god, my god

When my thoughts drift to you

These mended bones
The storms approach
Ever so slowly
Out on the sea
There's an animal below me
Lack of control
Others came before me
Others [bad word]  [bad word] 
When my thoughts drift to you
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