No Gringo (исполнитель: Vienna Teng)

No Gringo

Father says head down, we don't want them finding you
Mother says practice now all the words you know

Oh, Arizona's burning, they say the fence turned round
And now the razor wire keeps us out

Mother says with luck we'll sleep under a roof tonight
Father says in the [bad word] we'll be [bad word] in tight

Oh Chicago, don't forget me as the miles between us grow
Keep the maple tree carved with the name of my love
The hills we would sled race down
Lake Michigan stay endless and painted in sky goodbye

Mother says years ago the whole world was ours [bad word] Father says let it go those days are gone for good

All the signs read no gringo but somehow we'll find our way
Maybe waiting at dawn by the factory doors
Sun burnt and bent in the fields
Hey don't turn us in, we'll be silent as the grave, as time

No gringo, no gringo aquí
Words as levies against the flood
Hoy cerrado, there's too many to feed
Room for only our own kind, our own blood

No gringo, no gringo aquí
You have stayed in this land for too long
Tan amargo but there's no time to grieve
You just pack up your things and move on
And move on, and move on
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Vienna Teng - No Gringo?
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