Believe [Верить] (исполнитель: («One Piece / Ван Пис» OP 2) [English])

People tell me my head's in the clouds

I don't care what they say

because I'm dreamin' of you

You are the treasure I've found

So bright, so bold, yet so elusive

It's hard to look away, even though it's blinding me

There are no words to describe how I feel inside

I'm really really stuck on you whoa, whoa!

I have to follow my dreams however crazy they seem

And I won't stop 'til I get there, you will see

You're all I need to have the strength to believe

Believe in Wonderland!

I'm gonna' follow my dreams, however crazy they seem

I'm gonna' share them with you, a love so [bad word] 
You're all I want, together we can move on

Live how we want to!

There is no limit to us, we have the power of love

And we don't wanna' live ordinary lives

We have the chance to live in paradise

Believe in Wonderland!
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