The Coast (Feat. Evidence, Fashawn And Kali) (исполнитель: Statik Selektah)

[Verse 1]

We desperados, black guns, and gold Movados 
Chrome hollows, break bones or smash bottles 
Never follow, get it by yourself, that’s the motto 
My heart’s cold feeling like winter in Colorado 
Cali kush burning, my brain’s like a furnace 
I was driving in the Benz before I ever had a permit 
See this is my ? sermon and I feel that I deserve it 
I remember being young, I used to spit my rhymes nervous 
Now I’m on point that a javelin, way beyond battling 
Out-of-state traveling, haters stop babbling 
Remember this, California’s my residence 
All my peoples dilated, just ask Evidence

 [bad word] 

I rep the coast everywhere I go 
So even when I’m overseas they know 
I never front when [bad word] to the dough 
I’m guaranteed to make a kill in the show

lot of ran with my tank on 
Better bank on me to get more 
I rep the coast everywhere I go 
So even when I’m overseas they know

[Verse 2]

Hey yo my life’s similar to dice how I roll 
Nothing nice, California nights ice cold 
On the lookout for the police that’s on patrol 
Peddling white, wrong and right, [bad word] get sold 
We gotta eat so if that means robberies 
 [bad word] in spots I’m all for it 
Best believe I’m hugging the block, praying for my enemies 
Instead of sending them shots, I’m hoping that you succeed 
You don’t need a cellular phone to hear static 
Just listen to the tune of the semi-automatic 
What’s happening? My mind stay accumulate dough 
And keep stacking, spend less time with the hoes 
On some action, America’s favourite blunt blazing 
Rhyme-writing maven, rap Wes Craven 
I rose blossoming out the concrete pavement 
For everyone I admire live on stage it’s the 

 [bad word] 

[Verse 3]

Ev pictures classic, clients can’t imagine 
Time lapse my mind on Imax graphics 
Masterpiece larger than life 
Throughout my section, lost Los Angeles nights 
Songs of praise for him, school on Sundays 
Where’s my flare? It’s a case of the Mondays 
Some days are better than the next one 
Yesterday I couldn’t spot a Chevron 
Out of gas fast in Madagascar 
Off the ? it was Chapman with a fast car 
I got a fast car, ten thousand horses 
No track star, themes are ferocious 
I think awkward, taken for obnoxious 
Less concerned with kicks than the boxes 
man lived in the [bad word] 
Sold coke out the front, out the back weed grew 
Who knew the day [bad word]  
Phyllis Diller’s really [bad word] Phil [bad word] 
I think that deserved a [bad word] 
Drinking juice in the hood wasn’t fun though

 [bad word]
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