Black Painted Room (исполнитель: Sunshine)

It’s been a while since I’ve been here
Watch your steps, hold your breath
It’s [bad word] I got the devil on my side
Go take me out, it’s dinner time
Then we can watch all memories die
Light up the candles, when the waitress turns around
Miss you so but you’re holding back
Troubless in my dreams again
I’ve been waiting, speechlessly in your bed
Lies or love, we can have it both
Why are you asking if i wanted more
My hands are shaking, I am demanding but terrified

Wathcha gonna do with your [bad word] life
Whatcha gonna do when time is up?
Watcha gonna do when they leave the room
Keep it up they have no [bad word] on and tell me now what you saw
Let me take you to the other side
Don’t be late, your heartbeat slides
Let tears collide, tears collide

There’s nothing i can do for you
Now we are no longer dancing
You have got the devil on your side
Those broken words like skin&bones
I can’t make it safe and clean
But when you kissed me
Into pieces I fell apart

What of they like you coz you’re weak?
What if your gurdian angels’s a creep?
What if they lied and turned up the lights
At the heavens up above
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