Megadef (исполнитель: Styles Of Beyond)

[bad word] to the Megadef, step in at your own risk
Seven bucks a pop, we [bad word] #39; with no pimps (the
Real) no nonsense, click, conquer and kill
(uh, i'm so suave), it hurts to [bad word]  you ain't
 [bad word]  but you talk it (off ma deals) and cook
Six inch sausage, open your grill, I get
(Crazy jockage), thanks a mill, you got the
Whole world hooked on some [bad word] #39; pills, [bad word] 
Shoot to kill, my nukes are too clean, if you
Only knew what they do to emcees
Yo, that's me with a cuban lynch you can't
Afford 'cause your [bad word] #39; music stinks, bling
Bling, just to [bad word] you off and make you 'url, I'm
Sippin' don pee with some naked girls, on
Three, get your [bad word]  [bad word] #39; with us, now who you
Callin' a [bad word] with your balls and [bad word] (tucked)
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Styles Of Beyond - Megadef?
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