King of Asskissing (исполнитель: The Hives)

Being the king of asskissing makes him a royal drag.
And the king of asskissing, he's after me again, bringing me his royal nag.
He takes every opportunity to get to me.
....And here [bad word] again dont think I'll ever be at rest.
I suppose happiness [bad word] to some but I'll never be a lucky one.
Still I got to keep on hoping for the best.
But once again [bad word] again thats how the story goes
and it's been long enough for me to know where he's about to put his nose.
 [bad word] #39;S GONNA PAY!
The king of of asskissing says Im the one and only.
And the king of asskissing with his constant presence he keeps me from being lonely.
He's a royal branch of luncay that gets to me.
....And here we go again it looks as if he's here to stay.
I've tried to beat to pull and whack.
But a monkey sliding down my back won't easily go away.
So once again [bad word] again about to reach his goal.
The one and only monrach with his kingdom in a hole.
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