Crying Out Your Name (Lucas Nord Remix) (исполнитель: Loreen)

c c Count with me
I told her to drink up
Select and play the song that I asked for
If you want to link up
Then you can meet me on the dancefloor

50 Cent can't dance like me
Soulja Boy can't dance like me
Michael Jackson can't dance like me
yo, so

c c Count with me
1. Glass of champagne for me
2. Glass of champagne for you
3. Now do the Rolex Sweep

Only got one bottle when I walked through the door
1 o'clock and I bought one more
2 o'clock I'm in the corner skanking
2:30 I bought one more

c c Count with me (x5)

Do the Rolex Sweep (x4)
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