Maybach Music 2 (Feat. Kanye West, T-Pain, & Lil' Wayne) (исполнитель: Rick Ross)

-T Pain- [bad word] 
Realest [bad word] I ever wrote chillin in my maybach whatever I send out homie im a make back can you believe it whoOo you gotta see it heyyy I don't plan on going broke put that on my maybach cause im in it to win ya ni**as cant take that listen to my maybach music to my maybach music 

Martin louie the king junior startin all that stuntin is [bad word] ya 
If B.I was alive he probably have a two tone with the grey poupon on anything yay [bad word] on we'll explode cause I am the [bad word] and this is [bad word] oh oh that it go 
talking about how ya boy clothes extra tight I just remember that my lime light extra bright I hit the strip club and girls get extra hype you hit the strip club and girls turn extra [bad word] we know who not gettin no  tonight and a lap dance that probably be a blessin right so all the [bad word] you talkin, dead. Coffin I like the weed coughin, new crib 
Loft in... 
Where is that? Austin 
Where is that? Texas 
What's in front? Benzes 
What else? Lexus 
But who's maybach is that? 
Mr. West's 

 [bad word] 

[Rick Ross] 
Kush burn like petroleum 
Crib need custodians 
Shades in all shades 
B's made of rolidium 
Use to be the O smoke 
Hoe's call it ho low 
Now I got so many horses [bad word] call me polo 
Fifty-seven sixty-two 
Tell me how you wanna move 
Yeah you know I got them both 
Beat ya [bad word] black and blue 
I've barely gettin pretty woman 
Now I scoop any winners (Amy Winters?) 
Like kittie litter 
And winner fendi denim like a slindin ni**er 
Lookin in the mirror I can see the real contender 

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Sellin reefer, even Gregory, im on my dinner 
So what the [bad word] is you tellin me other than your gender? 
I'm a boss and im ridin like a small vogue 
Ni**er make your wheels and ride until they fall off 
Yeah Ross 

 [bad word] 

[Lil Wayne] 
Well alright 
All black maybach 
Im sittin in the [bad word] 
Classy as a mother 
Still gutter like a bad bowl 
"Benjamin Franklin on ex" how that cash roll 
That's right them mills dew like damp clothes 
I eat your meal too 
We don't feel you 
And we be strappin up like the navy seal do 
Sweet as banana split 
Every time I peel through 
Fresher than will smith 
And Uncle Phil too 
Watching T.V. in the maybach in traffic 
I'm on my feet like tough actin tinactin 
 [bad word] this [bad word] you should try tacklin 
Lil Wayne in one word? Immaculate 
you see the Big' you see the Jay' the 2pac in him and Kurt cobain the Andre 3 stacks 
And then I'm back to doin [bad word] like I do's it maybach music 
(Yeah, young moula, ah) 
 [bad word]
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