Wake Up Sister (Nu Jazz Style) (исполнитель: Parov Stelar Feat. Max The Sax)

We all four grew up together
in a small Virginia country town.
And, for some strange reason... God only knows...
we got to singin' around.
And about twice a year at the National Guard Armory
or the old school house we'd go see
the Blackwood Brothers who [bad word] to town
to sing especially for me.
They always drew a crowd of young folk and old women,
and men with the mortgage on their homes.
Farmers and teachers, rich men and preachers...
the old school house was full, and they [bad word] 
And we bought up every album, every picture, every single;
their autographs were the only things free.
But the main thing they were sellin'
was Jesus and good singin'
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