Gonna Get There Someday (исполнитель: Dierks Bentley)

Well its been a year and there so much to tell
been doing alright in spite of myself
just wish i could stop feeling bad when i pray
But I know I'm gonna get there someday

Got that job I was dreaming about
sometimes its tough traveling around
but who i wanna be still seems so far away
but i know i'm gonna get there someday

glad i told you all i meant to
while i had the chance
cause every moment i had with you
made me who i am

by the way, i met someone new
and wouldn't you know, she's a whole lot like you
still i ain't ready to settle down in one place
but i know i'm gonna get there someday

well i guess i'll be movin on
i'll just leave these daisies by your stone
and momma, i still miss you every day
but i know i'm gonna get there someday

when that'll be, guess only God can say
but i know i'm gonna get there someday
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