THE SERPENT'S LAIR - PART 1 (исполнитель: 2000 - Steve Roach & Byron Metcalf)


1. The Lair     
2. Rite of Passage     
3. Shedding the Skin     
4. Big Medicine     
5. Future Tribe     
6. Birthright     
7. Osmosis     
8. Egg Chamber Dreaming     
9. Offering in Waves     
10. Impending Sense of Calm     
11. Cave Dwellers     
12. Primalo Passage     
13. Serpent Clan Gathering     
14. Beating Heart of The Dragon Mother     
15. Ochua

Beginning as a collaboration between Roach and Metcalf, the music on THE SERPENT'S LAIR evolved over the past year into an epic 2-CD set, augmented with a myriad of guests. For those familiar with Roach's work, this release has it all. Steve's ultra-soundworlds, hybrid grooves and magical [bad word] with Byron's acoustic-organic tribal trance patterns set Disc One in motion (in all directions). Aligning with themes of shamanic initiation found throughout the world, this disc is rooted in the organic... the earth... the ancestors... and the initiatory energy of focused transformational ritual practice which is integrated into the alchemical fire of psycho-spiritual death and rebirth. It is here that one is confronted with all the essential elements of danger and possibility. 

Disc Two - subtitled "Offerings From The Underworld" - is built around musical elements from disc one, yet forges a sonic alchemy as it dives deeper. Though at times rhythmic, the overall feeling is a floating, pulsing, breathing adventure through a system of underground rivers and caves, inspiring fantastic episodes along the way.
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2000 - Steve Roach & Byron Metcalf - THE SERPENT'S LAIR - PART 1?
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