Tarantula (Dj Hype Mix) (исполнитель: Pendulum vs Fresh feat. Spyda and Tenor Fly)

Tarantula (оригинал)

Blad tarantula,
Time for the [bad word] sing ya,
Blad tarantula,
Don't play with my style I might sting ya,
Blad tarantula,
You want me inject me bacteria,
And if ya body goin' stiff,
And your spine goin' numb, [bad word] for get some...

Time to fix you up something here right now...

Shotter, hitter, serial killer,
Go a your funeral and all drink out your liquor,
When you are bury we a-stand next to the vicar,
Fling on some dirt and make your bury a little quicker,
Shouldn't test the youth them in the Tommy Hilfiger,
Hug up you mama, say sorry to you papa,
All a get number for the little sister
shall we call her Ill ask her, freeza,
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Pendulum vs Fresh feat. Spyda and Tenor Fly - Tarantula (Dj Hype Mix)?
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