Kalashnikov Pt. 2 (Produced by Southside). (исполнитель: Avatar Darko)

My gal she a vampire suck me like Sookie though
Then I pass her to my wolves like [bad word] Boy I'm turnt up I'm Gucci
Never say my shooter's name I learned that from Boosie
Eyes like [bad word] Lee but I'm equipped with the vision
Got that Chinese Chopper Hello Kitty Edition
Boy Porsche color of borscht swervin off of peach roc
Right after the I eff her in the spot
The condom overload erotica
My bad Ecuadorian she stay in Santa Monica
Pirahanas in the fishtake I feed them Oxycontins
I been on my [bad word] since Nas was rockin' Nautica
Paranoid plus I got insomnia
Make my foes not see if they cross me like a Swastika
Young blaze heavy arson
Banana clip will make you stutter Kenyon Martin
 [bad word] 
Kalashnikov braaa
Ubivaem vseh zmeja
Vseh zveja, vseh zveja
Ya [bad word] za tebja, moja semja, moja semja
Ya [bad word] za tebja, moja semja, moja semja

[Verse 2]
I put duct tape on my snapbacks
Duct tape on my trap packs
On pro tools I relapse [bad word] you old news Kat Stacks
Wake up in the morning and put butter on her flap jacks
Pound a fifth of vodka make these haters check my back draft
Avatar and Danny Darko yeah I got two names
Ridin' round and I'm gettin it you can call me too fast
More like the Joker but I'm in the Batmobile like [bad word] Wayne
Lost space finder AK in my couch like loose change
Fang gang I'm a GD but I don't gang bang
I twist my fingers all up in your girls po tang
Scum bag dirt ball why you under that [bad word] you her dog
Ima work hard tryin' to have enough power to make the [bad word] Earth fall
Ballin' out in Paris like Tony Parker
Ima prolly die stuntin' like Owen Hart
Name somebody going harder no these rappers aren't
I'm draping gold like the [bad word]  Joan of Arc

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