Отсутствует (исполнитель: Неизвестен)

Call me when [bad word] to town
 Just as soon as your plane puts down
 Call me on the telephone
 But only if you're traveling alone
 Counting down the hours
 Through the sunshine and the showers
 Today's the day
 You're finally going [bad word] my way

 Let's make a date to see a movie
 Some foreign film from [bad word] Paris
 I know you like to think you've got taste
 So I'll let you choose the time and place
 Have some dinner for two
 In some eastside rendezvous
 Then we'll walk
 Arm in arm around the block and talk

 Tonight you're mine
 Let's not waste time

 I do believe the die is cast
 Let's try and make the night-time last
 And I don't know where [bad word] from
 But I want to kiss you till my mouth get numb
 I want to make love to you
 Till the [bad word] breaking through
 And when the sun is high in the sky
 We'll kiss and say goodbye
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Неизвестен - Отсутствует?
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