Learn to fly (foo fighters cover) (исполнитель: Ana Free)

Verse [bad word] and tell all of the angels.
This could take all night.
Think I'll need a devil to help me get things
Hook me up a new evolution.
Cause this one is alive.
Saddle man left in a washer last one died,
died, died.
 [bad word] Looking to the sky to save him.
Looking for a sign of light.
Looking for something to help me burnout
Looking for [bad word] 
Looking for some time to try.
Make my way beack home where I'll learn to

Verse 2
Thing I'm dying ness in a patience.
We could wait one night.
Give me all of wave you give me one last try.
We live happily ever trapped in future save my [bad word] and tell the angels everythings alllllrighttttt
 [bad word] 

Fly, make my way back home where I'll learn
to fly

Verse 3
Back home wuth me I can't quite make it
alone. Try to make this lifet time
 [bad word]  X2

Make my way back home where I'll learn to
fly. X2
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