Me & My Gun (исполнитель: KMFDM)

Free Association
Psycho f**king Pricks
The Art Of [bad word] Is The Beginning Of The End [bad word] Child From Rabid [bad word] Suicidal Tendencies Born High Risk

Go To Town With Pump Gun Up Your  [bad word] 
Ak-47 '92 Beretta
Don't Give Good God [bad word] What You Think Of Me Or What I Do

H&K Mp5
Smith & Wesson Model 29
Sps Glock 17
One Man Army I Was Born To Be

Do It For Kicks - Show & Tell
Do It For Fun - Shotgun Shell
Do It For Love - Raise [bad word] Like Hand In Glove
Me And My Gun

No Prior Violation
[ KMFDM Lyrics are found on www [bad word] ]
Let Thy Will Be Done
Give Praise To This Motherf**king White Trash Scum
Without Provocation
Kill Anyone
Ready For Action
Whatever [bad word] 
You Can Blame It On The Media
Circus For The Stars
Music Movies Or The Man In Mars
But I What I Just As Before
No Fear Or Remorse
Evil To The Core

I Hate Monday Tuesday Wednesday ' Everyday ' Always
Just An Ordinary Girl At War With The Everyday World

Now Listen Up Kid
It Ain't Cool To Shoot Up Your School!
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KMFDM - Me & My Gun?
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