The Only One (исполнитель: Bryan Adams)

Well I made up my mind
Not gonna let you get away
To think that I'm the lucky guy
I've almost got it made

Cause it's been so long
Since I've felt so strong
About anyone at all
I get so excited
I ain't gonna fight it
I think I might be fallin' in love

 [bad word] on - let's get it right
Cause you're the only one
 [bad word] on - we ain't got all night
Cause you're the only one

Last night
I thought you mighta stayed
If I'd a' had the guts
I woulda pushed my luck
But then you mighta turned away

How do I explain
I know it sounds insane
But then I've been through this before
In just a matter of time
You could change your mind
You could turn and walk right hrough that door

 [bad word] on - let's get it straight
Cause you're the only one
 [bad word] on - I just can't wait
Cause you're the only one
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Bryan Adams - The Only One?
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