Elegy (исполнитель: Fleshgod Apocalypse)

Cast by the dark embrace
The night is captivating me like a siren
Seductive voice of my [bad word] Refusing wisdom, feeding my dread
Twisting all the warps of my insanity
As I am scorched in a slow decay
Demonic courtiers torment my spirit with misleading speech
To let the faith of the one sadly crawl before the deceiver
And make the pain rip the soul of the unbridled sleeper

Gods! Partake my grave endeavor
Gods liberate the force giving me a new vigor
Gods! Unleash the rage so unfairly enslaved
Lead me to this leech draining innocence
Concealed between the bleeding walls of my suffering
And bless the sword that's gonna slay
The beast that I confined into myself
Surpassing all the edges forever

Bound to this labyrinth
Selene is tricking me
Misled by darkness 'n' tainting lies of my mortality
Can't find the passage to my own rise
Enforcing all the gates of duality
I let my days falter in decline
Invaders of my shelter [bad word] stronger in my hearth and driving me to madness
They dominate like a storm with a raging power
And burn the core, lacerate, the forsaken hero

Grace of the gods for one that will live forever and find the secret of a scar!

Cold through my flesh is the blade of my abysmal vengeance
The dagger lacerates my neck while I'm feeling conscious
The muscle's pushing through my veins
Red lymph that from my new [bad word] outside
Like words I never told you

Gods take this prayer of my last tragic epilogue
Concealed between the bleeding walls was my suffering
And bless the sword that's gonna slay
The beast that I confined into myself
To transmigrate and live forevermore
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