Merry Christmas (2011) (исполнитель: Basilio Baio)

We have a million million ways
To do what we want and to find a better place
Painting our life all the colors of rainbow. What a beautiful dream  
We’ve got a million million chances
To be fell in love and to cherish your sweetheart for life
Give me your hand
We’re going to enter New Year
Don’t hide your smile. Merry Christmas!

I am always by your side
We don’t have [bad word] and hide
Darling let’s remember every perfect moment
We’re together all our friends
Fill the glasses with Champagne
We are gonna sing our favorite songs ‘till morning

We find a million million words
To say to somebody ‘bout feeling of love
But sometimes a few words can be enough if they’re said to the One
million moons and a million suns
Will be shining your way if you cherish your sweetheart for life
Listen to me
Tonight you can let New Year in
Open your heart. Merry Christmas!
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