Nippon Egao Hyakkei (Joshiraku ED) (исполнитель: Momokurotei Ichimon)


Live long, live long and prosper
May great wealth await for you wherever you go
Even different lands and skies
May you always have your daily bread
And always be brimming full of life
Like the long-lived king Shuringan
And his dear wife Gurindai
And their children Ponpokopi and Ponpokona
Live a long and blessed life

[Let me have a bit of your time
Please listen closely, we're ready
You write it "laughing"
You read it "let's party"
And the point of it, the point of it
Is that everyone will be happy
Thank you for your kind attention
Laugh, laugh, hey, let's laugh
Life may be hard but let's laugh
Laugh (yeah, yeah) you lose if you cry
Laugh until your sides ache
All the sourness will turn to sweet
Great Japanese can get over it]

Laugh, whatever time may bring
Laugh until [bad word] out of breath
Don't bother where you are, just laugh
Smile smile smile smile
Smile and the world will smile at you
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