The May Morning Dew (исполнитель: The Chieftains)

How pleasant in winter
To sit by the hob
Just listening to the barks
And the howls of the dog
Or to walk through the green fields
Where wild daisies grew
To pluck the wild flowers
In the may morning dew

When summer [bad word] 
When summer is near
With the trees oh so green
And the sky bright and clear
And the wee birds all singing
Their loved ones to woo
And young flowers all springing
In the may morning dew

I remember the old folk
All now dead and gone
And likewise my two brothers
Young Dennis and John
How we ran o'er the heather
The wild hare to pursue
And the proud deer we hunted
In the may morning dew

Of the house I was born in
There's but a stone on the stone
And now all 'round the garden
Wild thistles have grown
And gone are the neighbours
That I once knew
No more will we wander
Through the may morning dew
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