Always Like This (исполнитель: Bombay Bicycle Club)

Oh she can wait,
For what I can give,
She knows what I am but,
She won't believe me,
Is it all ok?
Will [bad word] off the lightest?
I cant believe it,
It's always like this,

Kept it at bay
Yes you kept your words
There on your mouth
But it's not what I heard

If I follow the light
That I deem the brightest
I won't believe that
It's always like this

I'm not whole
I'm not whole
You waste it all
[ Bombay Bicycle Club Lyrics are found on [bad word] ] 


I'm not whole

Oh you can wait
For what I can give
You know what I am
So you know how I live
Try to look proud
But you're not in the slightest
Its happening now
And it's always been like this

I'm not whole
I'm not whole
You waste it all


I'm not whole
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