Every time it rains (исполнитель: Joe Cocker)

Every Time It Rains 
Every Time It Rains
I Sit At Home And Wonder Why
Ever Since You Said Goodbye
I Felt So All Alone
Every Time It Rains
And Summer Showers Soak The Ground
I Watch The [bad word] Pouring Down
And I Call Out Your Name

Every Time It Rains
I Hang My Head And Want To Die
And I Don't Seem To Care That
I'm Just Not Making It On My Own
Every Time It Rains

Sometimes Late At Night
I Close My Eyes
And Pretend That You're Here With Me
But Every Time It Rains
I Realize Just How Lonely My Life Is Going To Be

Every Time It Rains
Every Time I Hear The Raindrops Fall
I May Say That I Don't Mind It At All
But I Do

Every Time It Rains
Every Time I Try To Tell Myself
That In Time I'll Find Somebody Else
But It Won't Be You
Every Time It Rains
Every Time It Rains
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