La chica bonita (исполнитель: Shaggy)


What is cinco cervezas I really don t know
But this pretty little senorita said it and I liked how it flowed
What is venga mi casa I really don t know
From the way that she smiled I could tell how the story would go

 [bad word] 

Chica bonita you pretty like a rose
Mi senorita mi love how you a pose
Dame un beso you hot and it shows
Toca mi vida and everybody knows repeat


Baby baby baby
Tell me what you wanna do and where you wanna go
Ain t no need [bad word] it baby we can take it slow
I swear it must be cupid shooting arrows with his bow
I notice in your eyes a certain glow
Have me wondering now
Is it really me or tell me do you feel the same
I feel like I m in love and I don t even know your name
I know what I am saying to you may sound pretty lame
Your love is like an everlasting flame

[hook [bad word] 


Lovely lady would you
Please give me a signal so I know you understand
Maybe I should start by making gestures with my hand
Girl you re like a rising star and I m your biggest fan
My sweet bonita diva with the tan
Got me thinking baby
We could make a life together on the ocean shore
Paradise is where you are I m ready to explore
Can never get enough of you it s all about amour
And happiness is knocking at your door

[hook [bad word]
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