Achieve (prod. by Pete Rock) (исполнитель: Smoke DZA)

This is dedicated to all them [bad word] [bad word] snitch who left me out
All em conversations about New York I wasn’t mentioned
Like I moved or something
Kush guard [bad word]  the realest
Pete Rock, smoke dizzle
Soul brother number uno
And you know
In a perfect world kilos go ropes in
West coast link up [bad word] from the Ivory Coast is cool to bring the dope in
Serving niggas like it’s 04 next to Copeland’s on broadway
More money more way, the more clickin the more waitin
Don’t be annoying hittin my phone all day
They say you live and then you die
Well [bad word] I done lived a million times
Dead every night, [bad word] this henny got me nice
Got to fall before you fly
First to test landing then you then you expanding
Kick in the door let the next man in
Mom’s crib, saltfish fresh baked and some sweet plantains
Cheers to gettin money i’m Ted Danson [bad word] been focused since I said high too
More [bad word] to get high to
More slick bars I provide you [bad word] a crab that infiltrate try to divide crews
You say you ballin but it’s biddy thou
You know it’s [bad word] up when Sharkeisha get more hits than your video [bad word] us a Diddy hoe
This that rap city flow
Flex let the city know, [bad word] By time you hear this a [bad word] will be up on [bad word] And I got many more and many more
Kush guard [bad word] I was born [bad word] 8, 1984
Harlem high school, third floor
Know what I mean
Mom dupes
Pops, fresh from Guyana and all that
Came straight to Harlem, how ironic

Shout out to my [bad word] P Rock, funny [bad word] I remember I was about 19 I use to carry P Rock crates to get in the club
Smoke weed with him and chill
And now I got a beat from this [bad word] and it’s on my album, you know
Just battling and [bad word] use to play ball
Shout out to all the niggas I killed on morningside
Mook you know about that shot in the middle of the court
Shout out to my [bad word] numbas
Smoking numbas, that’s my [bad word] Been blessed to tour around the world
Shout out all my fan all around the world
I love ya’ll just as much as ya’ll love me
I do this for ya’ll
Shout out Cinematics
Shout out my brother Jonny Shipes
To all them arguments that I had with Jon
Lord knows that [bad word] made me stronger
Lord knows that [bad word] made me me
Shout out my big bro Shiffe Bobs
City will always be [?]
Started wrapping cause a Biggy Smalls
Shout out to my [bad word] Nemlo
One of my first rap partners
I remember when we was on 17th [bad word] said I gotta rhyme
I said what I gotta rhyme to [bad word] Niggas went back and forth
They been my [bad word] ever since, 180 days
Pete Rock, smoke Dizzle
Shout out Mad Siffles, the first time I was ever on TV
Shout out to Peter Rosenberg
Shout out to Funk Flexx
Shout out to ya’ll
Shout out Carly Hustle for believing in me
Shout out to DJ Enuff
Shout out Hero
I neva change my name [bad word] I neva forget when I rocked on that Summer Jam stage
I came out in that white robe
They thought I was crazy
I told these niggas i’m at home
Shout out to 183rd
Shout out to my [bad word] da hounch
Lighten up all them [bad word] [?] and em sessions and all that
Neva forgot
Shout out my [bad word] Brock
Shout out DJ Daee
Shout out DJ Will Gates
Shout out my [bad word] Have-so
Shout out my [bad word] brother Don Kennedy
For all them good talks we had about keeping this [bad word] independent
Shout out my little brother Joey Badass
Shout out Pro Era
Everybody in Pro Era
Rest in peace Capital Steez
I miss you kid
Shout out my brother Aaron Reid
Shout out Shot money
Shout out LA Reid
Shout out Silvia Rome
Shout out my [bad word] Haleem, all my Queens niggas
Shout out Daba Deb
For all the talks, for being a Harlem [bad word] Shout out my big brother Damon Dash
For being a Harlem [bad word] For showing a [bad word] a lota lanes
Shout out my [bad word] Killa Kem, Jim Jones
Shout out my [bad word] Cut Man
dolla and a dream [bad word]  to the top
Shout out my uncle Dretty
Drive around in that amber like getting high all day
How we get it up
Shout out my [bad word] Fat Troy, what up Sly
Shout out John Sparks
My [bad word] Rigo, PR
Shout out Kenny Power
Everytime I go on the left coast I get that pack that pop corn bag
Shout out my brother Burna
Shout out Chevy Woods
That dolla sign
Shout out my brother JP
Buddy, brothers for life you know i’m here
Shout out my bro Buju
Shabba Buju, that’s my [bad word] Shout out my [bad word] Vince
Shout out my son [?]
That’s my little guy right there
Shout out my bro Jackson
By the time you get home you be hearing this
We be rollin and dog we gon be on our King of New York [bad word] Do the King of new York dance
When you get out that [bad word]  [bad word] story
I think i’m bout to go get me a bussolino hat
We can be on our real Lucky Thompson chalkey white [bad word] Shout out my niggas Branson
Shout out DJ Webstar
Shout out Thist of Howard the 3rd
Meyhem Lauren, all my low life niggas
Shout out my [bad word] Dutch
Shout out my [bad word] Sane
Shout out GFC, god, family ,culture
Ten words to live by
Shout out my brother Nakim
Shout out the quad
Shout out calendar
Shout out forty ounce of head
Shout out my [bad word] Bodega Benz
Shout out to Olla
Shout out to the Tan boys
Shout out to my barber Bart, for keeping my hairline still a hairline
Shout out to my [bad word] Curtains
Shout out my [bad word] Micki Fax
Shout out my [bad word] Al Doe
Shout out my [bad word] Mookie Jones
My [bad word] Delaurian
Shout out Slim Thug, Bun B, Paul Wall
Shout out Al Two
Shout out to my grandma and my grandpa
Still around kickin
Givin a [bad word] speeches
Tryin to make me rap like Will Smith
Shout out my brother Steve
You annoyin [bad word] Everyday I know I can wake up 10:30, 11 o’clock
That phone bout to ring and i’m bout to get a motivational speech
Shout out my brother Wayno, we off that joint
Shout out my road manager Brick Flare, funny [bad word] Shout out my [bad word] Tray Mark, the skydiver
Shout out to Philipe Childs
Shout out to my [bad word] Florine
Shout out Wiz, Spitta, Crint, my brothers
Shout out Harry Fraud, my brother
Shout out Blunt Smoker, my brother
You see me, you see him
Shout out my brother Fat Kirk
Shout out aunty Gayle
Rest in peace uncle Kenny
Shout out to Not Right
Shout out to Two Dope Boys
Shout out Exclusive Zone
Shout out to everybody that believed in the kid
Shout out Dan the Man
Shout out to International Throne
Shout out Young Roddy
Shout out my brother chasing cash
Shout out Gutta
Shout out Ashley Branson
Shout out ASAP
Shout out Vinny J
Shout out Troy Shout out New York City
Shout out Mack Wilds
Shout out Chinks, French, Co Boys
And i’m up outta here
Dreams on the chief
Get money ya’ll
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