This Spiteful Snake (исполнитель: Meshuggah)

Reality - this spiteful snake,
Rearing its ugly head
Venom dripping from its grin
As it tosses yet another obstacle in our way

If given a thousand years to collect,
To process, to portray
We could never [bad word] the voracity
Of one single day

Trapping us in its winding,
It's closing malignant cycles
tightening coil to bind us,
Hold us tight in unforgiving embrace

Its all-engulfing jaws - infinite, boundless
Biting down on the dying flesh of hope
Its fiery breath levelling, dismantling,
Flattening, tearing down the [bad word] of our dreams
 [bad word]  defeated
Terrified, shivering, mute
Reality is terror - this [bad word] is absolute

Reality - this spiteful snake
Shedding its smothering veil
shroud to asphyxiate,
Exterminate, eradicate
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