Отсутствует (исполнитель: Неизвестен)

[bad word]  Brandy]
 I always knew that one day
 They'd try to bring me down
 Wow, one day, they tried to bring me down
 Always knew that one day, they'd try to bring me down
 Down, way down

 We're going to mass today, we have to pray
 Besides what the pastor say, I have to say
 Since Pac passed away
 Most you rappers don't even deserve a track from me
 You see, if you ever wanted to ever be anything
 There'd always be somebody that shoot down any dream
 There'll always be haters, that's the way it is
 Hater niggas marry hater [bad word] and have hater kids
 But they're gonna have to take my life 'fore they take my drive
 'cause when I was barely living, that's what kept me alive
 Just the thought that maybe it could be better than what we at at this time
 Make it out of this grind, 'fore I'm out of my mind
 And get some lee way on the he say she say
 You girl don't like me, how long has she been [bad word]  Spanish girls say "No hable inglés"
 And everybody want [bad word] to me for their single
 It's funny how these wack niggas need my help
 Wasn't around when I couldn't feed myself
 Dog, If I was you, I wouldn't feel myself
 Dog, If I was you, I'd kill myself
 Made a mill myself, and I'm still myself
 And I'ma look in the mirror if I need some help
 Now I'll speak from the heart, you all fronting
 Everybody feel a way about K but at least you all feel something

 Why [bad word] here, I bet it only it was forget to get you
 What kind of dream we found, see I'm often at your cross way
 forgetting it was that heaven let you. They tried to bring me down
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