Отсутствует (исполнитель: Неизвестен)

Now here's a story with quite a moral,
And all you gals, you gotta pay some mind,
When you find a guy [yeah?] worth keeping, be satisfied,
Make sure you treat him very kind..
'Cause a good guy [Ow!] is hard to find,
You could always get the other kind.
[But when you think that you got her tied, you'll find her]
Messing around with another guy.
Then you rave and you'll even start to crave,
Man, you want to see her lying deep down in the grave.
So if the guy's nice, you better take my advice,
You better love him in the morning, kiss him every night,
Ooo, give him plenty of loving, treat him right,
Because a good man nowadays is hard to find.

[Buster, you gotta be kidding, you see this little guy?]
[The one with the feeble mind, he always been, he moving time.]
[One fine day he dug another chick, she took all his loot and cut him quick.]
[Now, he's calling me back on the phone, he says]
Baby, don't you go away, [bad word] right home.
[But if you [bad word] back [bad word] on in our little grass shack,]
[You gotta love me in the morning, kiss me in the night,]
[You give me lots of loving, treat me right,]
['Cause a good gal nowadays is hard to find.]

Well, I went back, but I told this doll,
I said: Woman, then is then, but now is now,
If you want me to stay, there's just one but (what?)
Keep a smile on your face, and keep your big mouth shut.
Well, we're back together, and everything is fine,
[I'm [bad word] the show, jack, you better stay in line.]
[Now you know what to do when the day is through.]
I better love you in the AM [that's right!], kiss you in the PM [what else?]
Give plenty of loving [show me!] with all my mind [good boy!]
[For a good gal nowadays are hard to find.. Leroy!] Yes, ma'am!
[I am just .. you better keep those cotton picking hands off all those other dames or I'll]
Or you'll what? [I'll fly over there and turn off all your lights.]
Uh yeah, like I was saying, a good
[Oh man, yes!]
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